Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Untitled-2uyguyg    Hi Guys! Hows are you? OK ….. Do you guys actually know what Internet of things is? Well it’s quite simple you know? It goes like this, IOT examines the interconnection of devices within an existing Internet infrastructure. It is expected to offer clear connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond normal machine connection and is based upon many protocols, domains, and applications etc. Even as we speak (reads ;)) now billions and billions of physical devices from all around the world is connected to the internet and are exchanging information rapidly. The best thing about IOT is that if you have the correct devices like some cheap processors and a wireless network at home you can easily make anything in your hands reach a part of this IOT! And after that any device previously dumb is now intelligent and are able to even communicate with humans.

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OK now we briefly have an idea what IOT really means and before going any further I am going to type the history of IOT. It all began in Woolwich! it goes like this, well (hmm …) there was a balloon and that particular balloon transmitted data from a wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer encased in a box  connected via two very fine copper wires covered with silk to the ground, where a receiving station printed the readings on a paper tape. And after that various experiments were done including internet-connected vending machine, but as it seemed progress was very slow because technology was not in her rightful place yet. As time passed after that some of the major issues were solved regarding IOT. Processors that were cheap and power-frugal enough to be all but disposable were created connecting up billions of devices. And soon after broadband internet and cellular and wireless networking became available.  At 1999 ‘Kevin Ashton’ came up the name “Internet of things” to this amazing technology.

       Hmm….. as we discussed before we now know that many physical devices can be made part of the “IOT”. And Google and Levi’s unveil  internet-connected jacket is a cool example for how wonderful IOT devices can be. O.K. time to say something about the benefits we can achieve by using IOT devices in our day to day life as well as the benefits that is gained according to the industrial perspective. When regarding the industry the benefits of the IOT for business depend on the implementation done, but the thing is that enterprises should have access to more data about their own products and their own internal systems, and a greater ability to make changes as a result. And that is why manufacturers are now adding sensors to their products so that they can get feedback data from the users and make amendments while evolving their products. But what about the typical users of IOT devices? Well I think they are the most privileged part here. They are able to do various in the past impossible things without even raising a finger. for example they are able to water the plants via the mobile phone, can turn on the lights without going near the switch, can make sure the safety of their living places by accessing the security system via the mobile phones etc. the opportunities are high and the thing is that even that height touches the heaven it can be achieved. Awesome isn’t it?


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