E01-How to be secure online

E01-How to be secure online

Welcome to the first episode of the official podcast of the UCSC ISACA Student Group, iMic. This episode includes insightful information on cybersecurity and cyberattacks covering a wide range of topics such as DDOS attacks, Phishing attacks, Scam messages, Malware, Password safety, Brute force attacks, Dictionary attacks, 2FA (two-factor authentication) and Social engineering attacks. In addition, things to consider when installing an app, when installing a browser extension, and also ways to check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach are also being discussed in this episode


Mr.Dulmina Renuke
Co-Founder at CodeXtreme

Show Notes

  • 00.23 -> Intro about iMic and the guest speaker Mr.Dulmina Renuke
  • 02.15 -> What is cybersecurity and cyber attacks
  • 03.26 -> Types of cyber attacks
  • 03.35 -> DOS/DDOS attacks
  • 06.33 -> Phishing attacks
  • 09.05 -> Scam messages
  • 12.45 -> Malware
  • 14.33 -> Password safety
  • 15.47 -> Brute force attacks
  • 16.02 -> Dictionary attacks
  • 20.23 -> 2FA(two factor authentication)
  • 23.33 -> Social engineering attacks
  • 24.35 -> Things to consider when using an app (Q&A)
  • 25.58 -> Things to consider when installing a browser extension (Q&A)
  • 27.03 -> Ways to Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data (Q&A) breach
  • 28.31 -> Is offering free data messages always fake? (Q&A)
  • 29.53 -> Ways to store passwords safely (Q&A)
  • 31.31 -> footnotes
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