E02-Future Of Undergraduates And Internships In The Post COVID World

E02-Future Of Undergraduates And Internships In The Post COVID World

Tune in to the latest episode of iMic about the Future of undergraduates and internships in the post COVID world. This episode addresses many unanswered questions brought out by undergraduates relating to internships and career paths such as factors to consider when selecting an internship, how a person’s social media presence could affect their profile, the importance of being fluent in the English language, what skills and attitudes will recruiters look for in applicants, etc… In addition, this episode explores the changes in the cooperate environment with respect to the uncharted territories of COVID-19 and provides pointers for using this quarantine period to gain a competitive advantage.


Show Notes

  • 00.51 – Speaker introduction
  • 01.30 – Importance of internship and how it will impact the future career.
  • 03.49 – Guidelines that undergraduate should follow when choosing an internship in a company And what companies expect from them.
  • 06.51 – Does an undergraduate need to consider salary when applying for an internship.
  • 09.45 – Importance of the English language in the corporate world.
  • 15.36 – Handling your social media profiles.
  • 20.35 – Global level internships and advantages and disadvantages of it.
  • 23.41 – What companies will look for in you in this post COVID world.
  • 31.58 – How having extra qualification benefits you during the internship.
  • 36.55 – Preparing for online interviews and how to make these free times productive.
  • 42.32 – Advice from the speaker to all the undergraduates.

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