iFest 2k18 – Tech Conference on Information Security and Emerging Trends

iFest 2k18 – Tech Conference on Information Security and Emerging Trends

IFest 2k18 – the most awaited tech conference on information security and emerging trends proudly organized by the UCSC – ISACA Student Group will be held on 13th May 2018, from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm at the University of Colombo – New Arts Theater (NAT). IFest 2k18 will be organized in close partnership with the ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter and will be witnessed by over 400 undergraduates from both public and private higher education institutes from all parts of the island with a genuine interest in matters relating to information security, governance, etc..

The conference will be held focused on enhancing awareness in the fields of information security and governance with an emphasis on emerging technologies and trends including several sessions conducted by resource people with expertise in each area as well as interactive sessions with the participants. The event will include quizzes to interact with the participants as well as to give them energy to actively engage in the sessions to win prizes.

IFest 2k18 will be an open a platform for discussions on technologies that are currently in dominant in these fields, to develop the interactive skills of participants, facilitate networking of self-motivated individuals from different higher education institutes, awareness on mobile application development and its recent trends and also to support the UCSC ISG and the UCSC to enhance the positive relationship with the industry and motivated students of other higher education institutes.

In order to achieve above objectives IFest 2k18 is going to be held with a striking success this year with the immense support of UPayPlatinum sponsor of iFest 2k18, and the generous contribution of ISM APAC (Pvt) LtdSilver sponsor of iFest 2k18. IFest 2k18 is a 100% free of charge event to make sure unimpeded access is there to knowledge and professional development for all the interested students without restrictions. Also, refreshments, snacks will be provided and all participants will receive a free t-shirt at the event. As for this moment the registrations are closed for the event and the confirmation mails have been sent to the selected participants.

UCSC ISACA Student Group; the only ISACA Student Group in the country, is diligently working on the striking success of this event to provide the best experience to the participants of IFest 2k18 as well as to leave a remarkable message to the tech community in initiating further more unconstrained opportunities for the students of Sri Lanka to gain experience on technical evolution in various fields.


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