E03-Security Aspects Related to Web Application Development

E03-Security Aspects Related to Web Application Development

The this episode of iMic features everything you need to know about Security related to Web application development. Mr. Dhanushka Chandana, Software engineer, lead at the Facebook developer circle Colombo and the third president of the UCSC ISACA Student Group, shares his expertise on this topic and also answers questions related to Web development received from our audience.

This episode covers common security issues such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, Denial of Service Attacks, and cross-site request forgery. In addition, this episode covers a wide range of topics such as security aspects in cloud computing, REST principles, and practices, techniques recommended for securing APIs and also answers general questions received from our listeners such as prerequisites a person should have in order to start learning web development, factors to take into consideration when selecting languages for development and many more.


Show Notes

  • 1.21 – Basic web security issues we face
  • 1.56 – Cross-site scripting attacks
  • 3.57 – SQL injection attacks
  • 4.46 – DOS attacks
  • 6.16 – Cross-site request forgery attacks
  • 7.58 – Security aspects that need to be taken in to account considering cloud computing
  • 9.50 – Rest principles on security
  • 11.16 – Rest practices on security
  • 14.02 – Technics and tools to secure APIs
  • 15.50 -What are the prerequisites that a person needs to know to learn web development?
  • 16.42 – What are the things need to be considered when selecting the language for web application development?
  • 18.37 – How to find vulnerabilities in a newly built web application?
  • 19.06 – What are the free tools that can be used to enhance the security of the software product?
  • 19.53 – How can we store data securely in our database or cloud?
  • 20.18 – Are there any security issues when we process data in the front-end of an application. For example, if we fetch a few records from the database and filter it in the front-end is it really safe? and is that a good/safe approach?
  • 21.23 – Is SSO safer than passwords, when signing up to a website?
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